eCommerce Business plan for the future

Unique eCommerce Business Plan with Website Focus

Since the Internet blossomed in the 90’s there has been a number of business models that after launch became very successful. Google probably comes to mind as a success story that many entrepreneurs would have liked to be part of. It’s my intention in this article to outline an eCommerce business model that is unique […]

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ecommerce web design can you make the grade

The Business of Web Design and eCommerce

What Business ‘eCommerce & Web Design? To be involved in a web design and/or eCommerce Business takes commitment and time. There are so many smart people out there, of all ages, many whose skills would probably make a competent academic feel insecure. They will inevitably be your competition in the marketplace. If you can see […]

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How To Review a Website For Planning Purposes

There are many features that make great websites stand out from the others. We all would like to think that our website is the best and one of those Masterpieces that clients are attracted too without fail. Mostly this isn’t the case and often frustration builds with the lack of website performance. In this post, […]

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Ecommerce Strategies and shopping online

Ecommerce Strategies for Entrepreneurs

1. Ecommerce Strategies & Entrepreneurs: Many entrepreneurs assume that Ecommerce Strategies and online selling is quite simple technology that developers can set up and customers will come in the 1000’s. This couldn’t be further from the truth. E-commerce websites and associated functionality are just part of the solution, like any other online presence, they designers must include […]

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cpanel overview there is no easier way

cPanel Overview for Web Designers and Developers

CPanel is one of those features of the Internet which has evolved and provided a bunch of really cool stuff, from e-commerce to searchengine optimization. Some of the other features include: manage files, adding subdomains, and database management just to name a few. Setting up cPanel: In cPanel you will use some features more than others. Firstly, there […]

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How to change the cPanel password

Normally after logging in we go to the change password button at the top of the cPanel screen and will facilitate ‘How to change the cPanel password‘. Next, you will be then taken to a screen ready to change the password. Next to the letters Old Password you type the current password into the box […]

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Brand Manager

Brand Manager for Online users

The Brand Manager is one of the keys to a successful business and some organisations put a lot of time and money into their brand. Have look at a local football game and you will see branding everywhere. One thing I have learnt over the years is that your online presence is an   important part […]

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General web design for dummies.

General Web Design for Dummies

I was just wondering what would be a good topic to talk about today, I thought maybe people would like to learn a little about, or discuss file types, programming and the like, but then I decided on the general concept of web design. First the website concept Its a huge field and can be […]

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Online Web Shop

Most entrepreneurs who contemplate building an online webshop have-some idea what they would like to sell. This is a positive attribute as it’s likely that your product knowledge is very good, which is half the battle. Nothing annoys consumers more than not being able to get their questions answered by businesses that make unrealistic claims. […]

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