Google Changes its Algorithm for Mobile devices

Google has recently changed its algorithms, and even though it can only be speculated what the changes might include, there is a number of web designers currently discussing online information about how websites will be indexed and there ability to be viewed on mobile devices.

Mobile Devices

As mobile devices are used by over 50% of internet users its likely that Google is considering this as important when they assess a website and try to make search information even more relevant, which is great for online surfers around the globe. About 3 years ago National Web Design Consultants went mobile and boy we are glad – we expect that mobile was going to be the way of the future and it looks like we were right.

Our websites can be viewed as an app on most devices and are mostly mobile user-friendly. Web Designers that don’t produce websites that are compatible with these mobile devices are going to be severally penalized by Google and others in relation to their search engine listings. I’ve found when Google doesn’t like something on a website it can take weeks, months, years or even longer to get things back to where they were.

Google algorithm

As I’ve mentioned in other posts getting listed on the search engines is the key to a successful website and by the looks of this algorithm update, mobile devices have become that little more important. It’s so important for web designers to be relevant and the programming of websites is even more critical. I believe we all need to pause for a moment and imagine where the internet and the major search engines will be in a year or two from now. One thing will always be true, even on a mobile, is that content must be well researched, relevant and there must be plenty of it. No one wants to get only half the story.

Australia and USA

Sometimes it’s easy to think that there is a little lag when it comes to Australia taking on the USA concepts, well with the internet there couldn’t be anything further from the truth. Because the internet is a worldwide interface there doesn’t seem to be any restriction in the way information flows into and out of Australia. Concepts and projects that our friends in the USA take on are almost instantly available to us in Australia and visa-versa. It’s a very small world now that the internet is with us and, there is one thing for sure, we will never be able to go back due to the speed we are moving forward. I reckon its pretty exciting really!

In my mind Google set the standard for progressing website development and networks like the Joomla community, are so important because of their collaborative approach. No one person can do it all by themselves and mobile devices are just another link in the chain. Thank you for reading please comment we appreciate your feedback on Google Changes its Algorithm for Mobile devices.

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