How to change the cPanel password


Normally after logging in we go to the change password button at the top of the cPanel screen and will facilitate ‘How to change the cPanel password‘. Next, you will be then taken to a screen ready to change the password. Next to the letters Old Password you type the current password into the box and should see a green tick to the right of the box – this just indicates that you have placed a password in the box

New cPanel Password:

Now we can think about what our new password will be and in the box next to the letters ‘new password’ we place our selection. You will need to confirm this in the ‘New Password (again) box and if all ok you will be able to move on. Take note of the Password strength and here the best possible score would be 100/100. If you select one with a score less than 50 cPanel won’t allow you to move on, which is a bit of a failsafe to ensure that you are unlikely to be hacked.

New Screen

Once you press on the change password button you will be taken to a new screen that indicates the password has changed for a specific user of cPanel and also tells us what other services we have updated ie. FTP, MySQL etc. Press the Go Back Button and you will need to log in again with the new password.

We will then be taken to the change passwords screen and all we need to do is press the home link in the top left-hand corner to be taken back to the cPanel screen where we can start making other appropriate changes not related to How to change the cPanel password.

Take a Look at our video:


Always remember to keep the password safe and it is best not to write it down but memorise it. If you making the changes in a public environment be careful that others aren’t watching you make the changes and never give the password to anyone else. One of the good things about cPanel is that it will allow you to use numbers, letters or many symbols so your password can be pretty hard, if not impossible, to hack. Most of all just are very careful. This is the end of the tutorial thank you.

We are going to include a number of tutorials, other than How to change the cPanel password, in the future and if there is something you are having trouble with in cPanel please let us know and we will attempt to put out a tutorial as soon as possible.

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