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Images are one of the foundations of any blog or website and can be very inspiring, so it’s important that your image hosting suits your needs. It’s a little hard to know where and when to store them, especially when they have put so much into taking them.

I will give you some ideas where and how you might like to host your images. One of the positives of the digital age, we can take a large number of photographs with little or no cost. With some phones now able to take high-quality photos, there are so many more options. When it comes to taking photos everyone has their own style – I tend to take many photographs, sometimes of the same thing, because the more one takes the greater chance there will be a few masterpieces.

One Terabyte with Flickr

16603570157_1d727f6601_qProfessional photographers are probably a little more in control of how and when they take photographs, but if you to take a little time and think about what you’re taking you will eventually take some really great images. The next thing is to think about image hosting. There are numerous places you can upload your images to including and

I use Flickr because they give a huge amount of image hosting space for free. One terabyte! Not bad hey – that is one huge amount of images and best of all, its that big word we all like to hear, its free. One thing I really like about Flickr is that they give you an option, in the settings area, to automatically upload new images from your iPhone to your account. You can choose to do this when in a WiFi area which ensures you don’t use lots of expensive mobile data. There is the option of using 4G but that could potentially use up all your data and run into a lot of expense.

If your one of those budding professional photographers that take lots of photos, that great, but you will need to organise them into images for deletion, bad, ok and great. Flickr has a pretty call interface that allows you to organise your images into albums, groups or whatever you would like to call the category. This sorting out the need to be done regularly or you will waste a lot of time trying to find that important image.

Map to effective image Hosting

There is another option for image hosting and that is to upload them to your own hosting account. Images were taken with a good camera or even on a mobile phone, these days, can take up a lot of space and even when you account has many gigabytes of space you will soon take it up. My advice would be to only upload the really good images to your image hosting account.

One other feature that Flickr has is that you can download your images in different sizes – even forcing some sizes to make your image square. This is great when in a hurry or if you have lots of images you would like to use on your website.

Image Editing Software

Now that you have worked out image hosting the next thing to do is find some software to alter the images if needed. If you have a website and employed a professional photographer it is likely the images might not need a lot of alteration. If you are like me and a budding professional photographer then there will be times when some image alteration and designing is required. Thus you will need to purchase some software designed to edit images.

I use Macromedia Fireworks but many designers use Photoshop or illustrator. The options are many and probably the best thing t do is pick one that you can afford and then complete a course on that specific software. It is amazing what can be done from drop shadows to altering the colour saturation and everything in between. I’m not going to say a lot more on this but again the more you put in the more you will get out.

In summary – Flickr is great for image hosting but there are others and they are worth a look. Great and unique images are a great part of any search engine optimization strategy and should be treated with the respect they deserve.

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